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Company Profile

cnc milling tools manufacturer
  • 0High-quality Carbide Cutting Tools Supplier in China

00The teeth of industry
Cutting tools are known as "the teeth of industry". Our products are widely used in machine tool industry, automobile manufacturing industry, mold manufacturing industry, aviation industry, steel industry, medical and many other fields. we
Provide customers with a variety of standard and non-standard physical coatings, chemical coatings, cermets and super
High-precision turning, milling, boring, drilling, grooving and thread reaming of hard materials and other grades
Processed cemented carbide monolithic tools, and can produce various cutting tools according to the different needs of customers

cnc milling cutter
advanced equipments dispaly.2jpg
Carbide end mill production line (2)

000High-quality Manufacturer with Complete Production Line

GEEFUN TOOLS designs, manufactures and sells industrial cutting tools to a broad sector of global industry.

The core product since our inception in 2013 has been the high quality milling cutters used in the manufacturer of auto parts ,die mole,plastic,aerospace,medical and so on. And we have introduced many Germany and Australian original smart devices with a total value of over 10 million.

1. Walter HELITRONIC MICRO from Germany for micro tools for electronic products 0.1-0.9mm

2. Walter HELITRONIC POWER from Germany for standard tools and customized tools

3. ANCA from Australia for small tools 1-8mm 4. Rollomatic from Switzerland for higher  precision tools

What’s more,advanced tools testing instrument EOUER from Germany has been introduced, which guaranteed the tools precision, and quality consistency of each batch of tools

From raw material procurement to finished product delivery, we treat it strictly to meet the different needs of each customer.

0000Covering more than 50 countries and regions around the world

With many years of foreign trade sales experience, high-quality products, and good service, we have established long-term good cooperative relations with many customers all over the world.

Our aim is to grow together with customers and create a long-term cooperative relationship of mutual benefit and win-win. 

We are looking forward to forming Win-Win business relationships with customers around the world in the near future. It is every products of XUTE that all of our staff pay attention to production and quality control without any careless.

Continued from now on,XUTE Make our best to supply excellent products low-priced by advanced technology and efficient process improvement.


Cover the market

We Line Up about 4600 items.. Our products are mainly exported to more than 30 countries including Germany, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, Argentina and India.

Making outstanding new items through continuous research & development and investment

To manufacture the best tools,our passions are continued constantly, which allow any new business becomes the long term business .

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