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What Is Carbide Roughened Milling Cutter?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-01-15      Origin: Site

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What Is Carbide Roughened Milling Cutter?

Carbide roughened milling cutter is a cutting tool, usually made of hard carbide material, used to remove excess material from a workpiece to obtain the desired shape and size.

Designed for efficient roughing tasks, this type of tool typically has a cutting edge with multiple teeth, each with a specific geometry and cutting angle to remove material quickly.

Carbide roughened milling cutters are used to process different materials, and are suitable for processing carbon steel, cast iron, alloy steel, austenitic stainless steel and other composite materials.

Due to the wear resistance of its carbide material, carbide rough-surface milling cutters have a long service life, helping to increase production efficiency and reduce production costs. These tools are commonly used in machining, woodworking, mold making, and other manufacturing fields.

carbide roughened milling cutter

The first step in making a carbide milling cutter is selecting the appropriate material. Typically, the cutting edge portion of a carbide-coated milling cutter is made of carbide, a high-hardness material composed of tungsten, cobalt and other elements that has excellent wear resistance. The quality and composition of the material are critical to the performance of the tool.

Different types of carbide have different properties such as hardness, toughness and wear resistance. Depending on the specific machining task, the appropriate carbide material is selected to ensure the best performance of the tool.

The cutting edge of a rough leather milling cutter is its key part. The cutting edge is usually designed as a multi-tooth structure, each tooth has a specific geometry and cutting angle to adapt to different processing needs. Designers must consider edge geometry parameters such as number of teeth, edge angle, edge radius, etc. to ensure efficient material removal and stable cutting.

Ensuring precision grinding of cutting edges is a key factor in improving performance. Precise cutting edge geometry and smooth edge surfaces can improve the cutting accuracy of the tool and reduce cutting forces.

Once the cutting edge design is determined, the carbide material undergoes a heat treatment process to increase its hardness and wear resistance. The cutting edge of the tool is then precision ground to obtain the desired shape and size. Grinding is a key process that determines the cutting accuracy and surface quality of the tool.

Whether the blade back, blade tip and blade angle are properly processed can affect the cutting performance and effect of carbide tools. Proper and reasonable edge angle treatment can reduce the cutting force during processing and reduce the risk of deformation due to low heat factors. And the treatment of the blade back and edge can improve the service life of the tool and reduce wear.

Tool holders are usually made of high-strength tool steel to withstand the stress during cutting. The manufacturing of tool holders requires a high degree of precision to ensure a good fit with the cutting edge, resulting in stable cutting operations.

The manufacturing process of carbide roughened milling cutter requires a high degree of technical and process control to ensure the performance and quality of the cutters. These tools play a vital role in modern manufacturing, providing efficient roughing solutions that help increase productivity and reduce costs. Safety and quality control are critical when manufacturing and using these tools to ensure operator and equipment safety and to achieve high-quality machining results.

Carbide roughened milling cutters are efficient cutting tools whose excellent performance makes them widely used in multiple manufacturing and machining fields.

Metal Processing: Carbide roughened milling cutters are very common in the metal processing field. Common processing methods include: turning, drilling, milling, etc. Whether it is general machining, mold manufacturing or aerospace, rough leather milling cutters play a very important role.

Mold and model making: Carbide roughened milling cutters are critical in making molds and models. For rough machining of the mold surface, relatively large tool passes and roughening of the workpiece are the first choice.

Aerospace: In the aerospace industry, carbide roughened milling cutters are used to machine aircraft and spacecraft components. High strength and lightweight requirements make these tools vital.

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