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Solid carbide thread milling cutter

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-12-28      Origin: Site

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Solid carbide thread milling cutter

A thread milling cutter is a tool for cutting threads through milling. In the past, the traditional thread processing method was usually through taps, etc. With the continuous development and progress of CNC technology, more advanced thread milling cutter processing methods have emerged. It has excellent advantages in accuracy and processing efficiency, and thread milling cutters are also more economical in processing costs. Now thread milling cutters have been widely used in CNC machining.


Thread milling cutters are designed with multiple cutting edges, allowing them to cut the thread profile in a single pass.


There are different types of thread milling cutters, including single-form and multi-form cutters.Single-form cutters create one thread pitch at a time, while multi-form cutters can generate multiple thread pitches simultaneously.Choosing between single-thread and multi-thread thread milling cutters depends on factors such as the production volume, required threading speed, and the complexity of the threading operation. Single-thread cutters are versatile and simpler, making them suitable for various applications. Multi-thread cutters, on the other hand, excel in scenarios where efficiency and speed are critical, particularly in high-volume production settings.


Common thread milling cutters on the market are usually made of high-speed steel or carbide materials and can process steel parts, cast iron and non-ferrous metals. Processing materials with different hardness requires the use of thread milling cutters with different raw materials. The processing hardness of cemented carbide is much higher than that of high-speed steel.        


Carbide thread milling cutters can achieve precise hole center distance and perfect threads in the mold machinery industry, and processing with thread milling cutters ensures the quality of workpieces.For non-standard types of workpieces, thread milling can be used to achieve accurate machining accuracy.


Thread milling offers several advantages, such as the ability to produce threads in blind holes, deep holes, and on irregular surfaces.It is a versatile method that can be used for various thread profiles and sizes.

6.CNC Machining:

Thread milling is often performed using computer numerical control (CNC) machines. CNC programming allows for precise control over the cutting parameters, resulting in accurate and consistent threads.


CNC programming for thread milling involves specifying the thread type, pitch, depth, and other parameters to achieve the desired thread profile.

8.Helical Interpolation:

Thread milling cutters often use helical interpolation, where the cutter moves in a spiral motion along the axis of the workpiece to create the thread.

9.Coolant and Lubrication:

Adequate coolant and lubrication are essential during thread milling to dissipate heat and improve tool life.

The workpiece is securely mounted on the milling machine or CNC machining center. It must be properly aligned to ensure accurate thread geometry.The CNC machine is programmed with the specific parameters for the thread, including pitch, depth, and diameter. The tool path is typically programmed to move in a helical motion along the axis of the workpiece.

The milling cutter moves along a helical path to create the thread. This helical interpolation allows the cutter to produce the entire thread profile in a single pass.Depending on the depth of the thread and the material being machined, the process may involve multiple passes to achieve the desired thread depth.Improved Tool Life: Thread milling cutters with multiple cutting edges can have a longer tool life compared to taps.Cost-Effective: In some cases, thread milling can be more cost-effective than other threading methods, especially for large or complex threads.

 Thread milling cutter is chosen in situations where the benefits of this method, such as increased tool life, flexibility in thread size and type, and the ability to work with challenging geometries, outweigh the advantages of traditional tapping methods.The thread milling method of thread milling cutters is recognized and used by more and more users in the machinery manufacturing industry, promoting the development and progress of the industry. A suitable threading solution and a high-quality thread milling cutter should be combined to fully exploit the advantages of the thread milling cutter.

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