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Which products do we have

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-06-29      Origin: Site

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Which products do we have

Changzhou Xute Jifeng Tools Group Co.,Ltd is one of the suppliers that provide comprehensive metal cutting solutions for milling, drilling, hole processing, thread processing, etc.
1.Milling Tools
We have universal milling cutters capable of machining most steel materials.There are also some special milling cutters for special materials, such as stainless steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy and some ultra-high hardness materials have corresponding milling cutters.
There is an end mill for your job in any material(Flat/Ball nose/Corner Radius/Roughing).


2.Drilling tool
We have standard size carbide twist drills that can process HRC65 . Through Shank Drill Bits, Internal Coolant Drill Bits and Centering Drill Bits are also our main products.Optimized for steel and cast iron machining

Excellent Performance with Optimized Design and Hign Cutting Speed

Superior surface finish with the most optimal flute shape design

Unique wave-shaped cutting edge design reduces the cutting force and also increases the chip evacuation rate

With and Without Internal Coolant Holes.There is always a drilling solution that is right for you(3D/5D/8D/10D).

3.Thread series products
Thread milling cutter is a tool for cutting threads by milling. Thread milling cutters can be used in CNC machining centers (NC), single thread/three thread/full thread are our standard stock products.For CNC Machining on Various Ductile Materials.Special thread structure for reduction in torque, wear, and the risk of over feeding. Increased tool life as a result of an optimum combination of material, geometry, and coating providing unrestricted chip flow.Powdered metal technology for higher spindle speeds, longer tool life, and excellent thread finish.If you are looking for metric thread mills, straight or tapered mill your solution is here.


4. Boring tool
Internal cooling and external cooling, Flat handle, or round handle, can be customized.

Various types of products are able to provide.Non-standard custom-made solid carbide tools, processing steel parts, stainless steel, titanium alloy, provide workpiece drawings, our company can issue tool drawings, and provide tool processing solutions!


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