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What Best end mill for stainless steel?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-09-21      Origin: Site

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What Best end mill for stainless steel?

The milling cutter is a multi-edged tool. The total length of the cutting edges involved in cutting is longer. There is no idle stroke during cutting, and higher cutting speeds can be used. When ordinary end mills are milling stainless steel, depending on the actual use conditions at the production site, the tool will wear violently, and the chips and the tool will adhere, seriously affecting the service life of the tool. When ordinary end mills are used to process stainless steel, the efficiency is low, the cost of use is high, and the processing quality cannot meet customer requirements. Therefore, a special end mill that can realize stainless steel milling appears on the market,this specialized best end mill for stainless steel.

Stainless steel special milling cutters are tools used to process stainless steel materials, usually used for cutting, milling, grooving and surface processing. You can use the following information that may help you understand the basic information of stainless steel special milling cutters.

best end mill for stainless steel

Raw materials:

Special milling cutters for stainless steel are made of carbide, because carbide has higher hardness and wear resistance and is suitable for high-speed cutting of hard materials such as stainless steel. According to the cutting characteristics of stainless steel, it can be seen that the tool should meet the following requirements when manufacturing and cutting: it has a hardness high enough to reduce the plastic deformation of the matrix; the tool material is conducive to achieving and maintaining a sharp edge; the tool edge is arc-shaped The radius can be made smaller. Therefore, solid carbide materials are more suitable materials for processing stainless steel, and submicron grain materials with a grain size of 0.6 μm are best end mill for stainless steel.

The cobalt content is 10, the grain size is 0.6, the Rockwell hardness (HRA) is 91.6, the density is 14.45, and the strength is 3800.

Types of cutters:

Stainless steel milling cutters include flat bottom milling cutters, ball nose milling cutters, and round nose milling cutters. Each type is suitable for different processing tasks. These milling cutters can process 99% of stainless steel materials.


The cutting performance of stainless steel materials is poor, and it has a strong affinity for the tool surface. The chips will adhere to the surface of the cutting edge, resulting in built-up edge, and cause the particles at the junction of the coating and the substrate to spread to the chips. , resulting in chemical wear. In order to solve the problem of difficult cutting of stainless steel materials and the wear resistance of cutting tools, and improve the wear resistance and life of stainless steel special milling cutters, they are usually coated with a layer of cemented carbide coating, such as coated chromium aluminum nitrogen silicon nano (AlCRSiN ) or coated alumina (AlTiN), which is more suitable for the cutting processing requirements of stainless steel materials are best end mill for stainless steel.

Number of flutes:

The number of flutes of stainless steel special milling cutters can vary depending on the application. Generally speaking, multi-edge milling cutters can provide higher processing efficiency. Carbide end mills generally use larger rotational speeds when cutting. The cutting force of the tool during cutting will be dispersed to each blade. The number of blades The more, the less force is distributed to each cutting edge. However, when the number of tool edges is too high, the space of the chip flute will be reduced, so that the iron chips cannot be discharged in time during high-speed cutting. Based on the comprehensive consideration of the above two aspects, many suppliers usually adopt a four-edge structure when producing stainless steel-specific carbide end mills.

best end mill

Cutting speed and feed speed:

cutting speed 10-140m/min; feed rate 0.013-0.15mm/z. When using a stainless steel special milling cutter, the appropriate cutting speed and feed speed need to be selected according to the specific material and workpiece requirements. , to ensure cutting quality and tool life.

Cooling and lubrication:

Due to the high calorific value and poor machinability of stainless steel, sufficient cooling and lubrication, penetration and cleaning are usually required to reduce heat and tool wear. This can be achieved through coolant or lubricant. Emulsion is a common cooling method. Cutting oil has good lubrication effect and certain cooling effect. This can be achieved with coolant or lubricant.Only this is best end mill for stainless steel.

Safety precautions:

In order to achieve better processing results during stainless steel processing, the surface of the milling cutter blade must have a high gloss. When using a stainless steel special milling cutter, the cutting force is large and the moving parts must be tightened. Please Follow safe operating procedures and wear personal protective equipment to ensure safe operation of tools.

The stainless steel special milling cutter adopts a four-edge, chip-containing groove design with unequal tooth pitch, which enables the tool to have good chip removal performance during cutting, with less vibration during cutting, and maintains stable cutting. Therefore, the stainless steel special end mill is designed to meet the cutting requirements of most stainless steel materials.

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