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Foreign customers come to the company to inspect the factory

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-06-29      Origin: Site

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Foreign customers come to the company to inspect the factory

Changzhou Xute Jifeng Tools Group Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, production and export of carbide tools.

In the process of global trade integration, factory inspection has become a threshold for export foreign trade enterprises to truly connect with the world, and through continuous development in recent years, factory inspection has gradually become well-known and fully valued by enterprises.

In June, European and Asian customers came to our company for factory inspection and guidance, forming a lasting partnership.



Customers visit the warehouse and learn about the assembly line.

After the tools are produced in the workshop, they will be sent to the warehouse department. Here, the tools complete the steps from marking, coating, passivation, labeling, packaging, etc., and finally wait for shipment.

For customers who have requirements, we can provide exclusive OEM services.



Customers come to the clean and tidy workshop to learn about our imported production equipment, advanced product technology and standard production process of tools.

Through the practical operation and explanation of engineers, customers can fully understand the production and process of solid carbide tools. Communicate with customers about product details to make customers more familiar.

With the implementation of various customer inspections, the company's internal system standardization has been improved, and the responsibilities of the company's functional departments have been further streamlined; the safety of equipment has been improved, the participation of employees has been increased, and employees' enthusiasm for production and work has been stimulated.

The perfect end of the customer inspection, thanks to the active cooperation of all management personnel and employees.

The factory inspection process is very pleasant, and the customer's high quality requirements will make us go to a higher level.

Customer factory inspection should be a long-term work of the company, which must be highly valued, carefully arranged, and serious improvement is not in place, so as to ensure the smooth passing of various factory inspections in the future.

Welcome to visit Changzhou Xute Jifeng Tools Group Co., Ltd.


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